Happy Days

12-14, October, 2013 
aichi triennale 2013
Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Mini theater

While the Great East Japan Earthquake that tore through the country is still fresh in our minds, devastating disasters continue to rise all around the world.
Not only natural but those man-made disasters recur to take lives at this very moment.
Life and death has always been the central theme for my creation.
And that’s what Beckett engaged with in all his works , with his unique sense of humor.
Beckett’s masterpiece Happy Days is a story of a woman dying in loneliness. In this , Beckett unfolds the story with somewhat humorous way , which is where I want to illuminate in my play.
As life and death are the two sides of the same coin, to live sincerely is somewhat humorous. And that’s what makes our lives precious.
With live sound and voice resonating with meaning of the words, I hope to re-question the very being of human existence through this performance.

Yasuki Fujita (director)

Text : Samuel Beckett 
Directed by Yasuki Fujita
New translation: Shino Kuraishi
Performed by Tomoko Ando & Yutaka Fukuoka
Set design: Teppei Kaneuji 
Music: Itoken 
Costume design :  Yoko Ando 
Light design:  Takeaki Iwashina
Graphic design: Yuri Suyama