28 February – 3 March 2013
Morishita C Studio

This piece is modelled on a television play Eh Joe writtenby Samuel Beckett.
A worn-out, middle-aged man is on the stage. After a while, a woman’s voice can be heard out of nowhere. The voice implies that they were once in a relationship. The woman tells the story of the man’s miserable life, and of the “green woman” who was dumped by the man and eventually jumped into the sea. The man feels the invisible, dead woman watching him and her voice following him. He stands still terrified but at the same time filled with a weird contentment.

This is a story of a silent man and a dead woman. Dancer Kota Yamazaki pushed back the gloominess of Beckett and impersonated humorous yet powerful silent man with his acting and dancing. Tomoko Ando, on the other hand, keep watching the man as a huge ghost. This is a thrilling fusion of theatre and dance.

演出 藤田康城

Directed by Yasuki Fujita
Inspired by Samuel Beckett “Eh Joe”
Performed by Tomoko Ando & Kota Yamazaki
Costume design : Yoko Ando 
Light design :  Takeaki Iwashina
Graphic design : Yuri Suyama