ARICA+Noriko Koshida Time She Stopped

7-11 Dec 20222
BankART Station (Yokohama)


This production is created with the inspiration by Samuel Beckett’s play “Rockaby”. Beckett’s “Rockaby” is about the isolation and the solitude of an old woman facing death in her house, but this piece focused on a woman abandoned in a park. A woman who has lost her home to return to is caught up in the thought of returning to the illusionary house where she once lived.

It highlights more vividly the challenges of modern society, such as the aging and dying of people who have lost their jobs and homes as a result of the COVID-19 and become even more lonely in public places. Furthermore, this work resonates with the intense pain of those who have lost their homes and are unable to return home due to natural or man-made disasters such as Fukushima, Syria, Myanmar, Ukraine, and more…
In addition, movie plays important role in the structure of the work. It pursues the possibility that the images are not merely decorative effects, but that they work with the actual body, opening up a new relationship between actual performance and the movie. It looks as if a fictional body and a real body are co-starring.

Direction: Yasuki Fujita
Text: Shino Kuraishi
Movie & Move concept: Noriko Koshida

Performance: Tomoko Ando

Music: Yutaka Fukuoka Props: Eijiro Takahashi

Lighting design: Takeaki Iwashina (with Friends)

Sound design: Yuichi Tanaka (Sound wedge)

Stage Manager: Yukimi Sato (Stage work URAK)

Costume Design: Yoko Ando

Costume: Naoya Watabe

Graphic Design: Yuri Suyama

Subtitle Translation: Keiko Tsuneda

Subtitle operation: Kureo Fujitta

Recording video director: Syunsuke Nakase

Photographer: Takashi MIyamoto

Production assist: Keizo Maeda

Producer: Satoshi Fukuoka (Catalyst)


Real Tokyo by Emiri Fujihara